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Attic Fan Cyclone Solar Powered (Curb Mount)
Cat. No. SDF-20CM
Weight 15 lbs

SDF-20CM (Curb Mount Base) is designed for curb mount installations. Generally a 2"x4" or 2"x6" curb box is built and flashing is attached to the perimeter of the curb box. Curb mount installations should be used on flat or very low slope roofs. Curb mount installations are also recommended for higher profile roofs, such as ceramic or concrete tile, certain metal roofs, thick wood shake, etc. The flashing materials are generally metal, but can be made of certain types of roofing materials. Care should be taken to isolate dissimilar metals and to properly waterproof the curb box to the roof. On top of the curb box, attach weather stripping or two sided foam tape. Place the SDF-20CM base on top of the curb box and fasten at least two screws on each side into the curb box.

• 8-1/2” high profile, Curb mount Design. Designed for steep, tiled, or flat roof installations
• 20 watt, state-of-the-art solar panel circuitry captures sunlight even on overcast days. Totally weatherproof panels designed for optimum efficiency constructed of tempered glass to resist hail and extreme weather conditions.
• Dome and Base molded with UV-stabilized ABS color-dyed plastic to prevent damage from sunlight and provide greater stability. Low profile, square design integrates well with shingles.
• Hurricane rated to 140 mph winds. 
• Quality hardware used throughout. 16AWG stainless steel brackets and bolt, nuts and self-tapping screws for stability and long life. 
• Whisper-quiet, direct current, variable voltage, sealed ball bearing and hardened shaft motor with steel motor housing dynamically balanced for superior performance. 
• Specially designed one piece, 12” aluminum 5 blade fan pitched for maximum air flow. Operates quietly with no harmonic noise. 
• Heavy gauge, stainless steel bird and rodent screen with 1/8” openings provides maximum protection from insects and animals without impeding air flow. 
• One unit ventilates attic spaces up to 1800 sq ft 
• 5 year limited defective parts warranty

Benefits of a Solar Powered Super Cyclone
All attic ventilators, powered or solar vent out the hot air built up within the attic, but a solar unit offers additional benefits not possible with a powered product. Because a Solar Dynamics PAV turns on at dawn, it goes to work immediately, first to eliminate the moisture that has built up from the cool overnight air, and second, to prevent heat build up before it has a chance to build up to the point of convection. A standard PAV has to reach a high temperature before the thermostat kicks in and tells it to start working. By this time the moisture has already worked its way into the insulation and the walls, doing its damage. Because it has to play “catch-up” the PAV is already starting out at a disadvantage and must run all day. Driven off AC power, a PAV can be noisy emitting “harmonic noise”, and although it is possible to override the thermostat and let it run, the motor is not designed to handle this constant demand.


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