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RV Vent Fan Comfort Air™ Platinum
Cat. No. NTP-22-0052
Weight 14 lbs

The Comfort Air™ Platinum circulation fan features full remote operation that allows you to control comfort levels from your fingertips. Included is a handy wall mounting bracket that gives you the option of leaving your controls on the wall, or taking it with you to the bed or living area seating. Equipped with Bi-directional operation, thermostat setting, and a rain sensor, this all-in-one fan is ideal for circulating air throughout your whole coach. High ceilings are no longer a concern with this remote version, because everything is controlled by the remote, including opening and closing of the motorized dome.

Voltage :  12 VDC 
Description :     Motorized Tinted Dome, Remote Control Fan. Variable Speed,
                          Bi-directional Airflow. Automatic-Thermostat or Manual operation.
                            Rain Sensor. Fits standard 14” x 14” opening.

• Remote Control Operation
• Variable Speed
• Bi-Directional Operation
• Tinted Dome 
• Easy Removable Screen
• Thermostat Controlled
• Rain Sensor Closes Dome Automatically
• Dome-Closed Operation
• Whisper Quiet Operatio

Comfort Air Platinum - 911-724-D_275-R1234.pdf (405KB)


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