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Rear Obervation System 5 in
Cat. No. ZD.322.1
Weight 8 lbs

Zone Defense introduces the “Zone Defense” Brand 5” Monitor built tough for the demands of our commercial customers. With a new digital display, this monitor will deliver crisper images than our “SYS” models along with the same rubberized coating that Zone Defense was first to bring to the market.

• 5 Year Warranty Available
• New touch panel control buttons
• Picture image may be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror and normal viewing
• Built-in trigger switch to reverse, left, or right side camera views. No additional switch box to install!
• 7G Rating!
• New LED backlight on LCD panel for longer life!
• Multi-languages of display available: English, French, Spanish and more!
• Automatic illuminated control buttons
• Full function remote control
• Multiple video formats available: PAL/NTSC
• 13-Pin: 3 camera input
• Operates 10-32 volts
• Built-in speaker

What’s in the box: CAM.313C, Center or Fan Monitor Mount, Remote Control, AV and Power Supply Adapter Cables, 65ft/20 Meter Cable, Monitor Sun Shield, U-Bracket Monitor Mount, Angle Adjustment Screws, Manual

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