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Deka Unigy II Series 6AVR45
Cat. No. 6AVR45
Weight 15 lbs

The Deka Unigy II Space Saver is a sealed lead-acid battery systems that uses AVR (absorbed valve regulated) technology. Designed to meet the demands of critical backup power applications, this highly efficient battery line utilizes a smaller footprint to save space while providing optimal power. The design and construction meet the latest UBC97 Zone 4 specifications, certified up to 8 modules high. A major feature is our individually tank-formed plates, which ensures full and uniform plate charging and balanced cell voltages. All Unigy II Space Saver cells perform at 100% of rated capacity upon initial shipment.

The patented Deka Unigy II Space Saver Interlock system eliminates rear bolting, allows front access bolting and increases installation safety. It offers more choices in configuring the battery system, provides more flexibility when choosing height and length of your particular system configurations, and enhances space saving and versatility.  Interlock is available in AVR45

Features and Benefits

  • Container and Cover: Impact-resistant polypropylene 28% L.O.I. (Optional)
  • Separators: Microporous glass mat
  • Plates formed with IPFTM technology to assure consistent cell to cell performance
  • Shipped at 100% Capacity
  • Cycle Life: 2400 cycles @ 20% DOD
  • Modules coated and protected with a thick layer of powdered epoxy
  • Terminals: Lead plated solid copper

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