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Battery Cap - Water Miser Vent Cap
Cat. No. WM-2000-PH
Weight 0.5 lbs

Water-Miser Safety-Vent

Engineered and Designed to encompass all area of concern - Ease of Inspection and Watering. Battery-top Mositure Recuction, Electrolyte Retention within Cells, Exteded Watering Invervals, Fumer-Freer Environment, As well as Flame and/or Spark reardant Characteristics

An injection molded “ftip-top” vent-cap  addressing areas of safe and efficient maintenance during the routine servicing of industrial, semi-industrial, and golf cart batteries

When a battery is equipped with the economical and reliable “WATER-MISER SAFETY-VENT”


  • There is no need to remove vent-caps —just FLIP open for inspection and watering 
  • Escaping gases, exiting through the MOISTURE-RETURN MEDIUM during the charging cycle, carry fewer electrolyte laden droplets, assuring that cell electrolyte gravities are being better maintained
  • CONSISTENCY of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics are ENHANCED
  • Tops of the batteries remain much DRIER
  • Cell to cell and battery to equipment body-grounding is respectively reduced
  • Extended watering intervals are achieved
  • The bayonet quarter-turn design ASSURES PROPER FIT for all U.S. manufactured batteries
  • Orientation of the cover assembly through 360o is standard
  • The availability of ADAPTERS will facilitate a proper fit for all imported batteries such as Cloride, Fulman, Varta, etc.

  • Externally initiated explosions, within the battery cell(s). are virtually eliminated due to the incorporation of the flame and/or spark retardant HYDROPHOBIC CINDERED DISC
  • The built in ANTI-SPLASH device assures that a minimum of electrolyte is propelled into the immediate area when the FLIP-TOP is opened for inspection or watering
  • The handling of acid-ladened vent-caps is a thing of the past: just FLIP OPEN. FLIP SHUT — Lesser exposure to electrolyte [sulphuric acid] as fumes and/or liquid
  • A greater safety factor for the operator who now works in a more friendly, fume-freer environment made possible by the MOISTURE-RETURN MEDIUM coupled with the HYDROPHOBIC CINDERED DISC

  • The "WATER-MISER SAFETY-VENT?" can be RETRO-FITTED to any U.S. manufactured industrial battery and most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries
  • Its design accommodates all single-cell fillers having nozzle diameters of up to 3/4 inch
  • FLOW SYSTEMS makes available an injection-molded slip-on 7/8-to-5/8 inch NOZZLE REDUCTION ADAPTOR for any filler having the large nozzle
  • FLIP-TOP labor savings, during servicing, versus the standard vent-cap, will more than compensate for the costs within the first 6 months

Part Number

 2000 Standard Height  

 2000C Medium Height

 2000EX Extra Height



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