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Premium Battery Enclosures: UPS-Series
Cat. No. UPS-Series
Weight 100 lbs

UPS Cabinets are targeted for battery backup system applications. These white powder-coated aluminum enclosures feature hinged, key lockable doors with dust covers on locks and gasketed doors. The UPS Cabinets have two separate enclosures; one for a system's batteries and one for the electronics and hold up to sixteen L16, eight 4D, or six 8D batteries.

Part # Model Finish Description Locking Feature H x W x D  (inches)           
Weight (lbs)
260004 UPS Powder-Coated (1) or (2) movable shelves to accommodate battery heights, Maximum battery counts: 18xG27, 18xG31, 12xL16, 8x4D, 6x8D,Large Electronics Mounting Panel, Strut for mounting DIN Rail, Mount for battery disconnect breaker
Key-Lockable 66.0 x 36.0 x 25.0 175
260017 UPS-BH Powder-Coated The bottom half of UPS Enclosure 260004. This part of the enclosure is designed to hold 4 x 8D (6 x 8D with extra shelf) or 16 x L16 batteries. Key-Lockable 46.8 x 36.0 x 25.8 100
260018 UPS-TH Powder-Coated Top half of UPS Enclosure 260004. This particular part of the enclosure is designed to house the controls of your system. Key-Lockable 19.1 x 36.0 x 25.9 50


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