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Battery Saver Filter
Cat. No. 091-137
Weight 1 lbs

The BATTERY SAVER FILTER is a small, highly reliable switching power converter designed to provide filtered and regulated D.C. voltage to sensitive electronic equipment. The low ripple output voltage ensures noise-free operation of even the most sensitive devices. Short circuit protection is provided to protect from damaging overloads or shorting the output to ground. This device is especially useful when certain flashlight chargers are connected to the full wave rectified voltage supplied by a battery saver.

Powers Sensitive Electronic Equipment
Regulates Voltage
Provides Low Ripple D.C.
Filters Output of Battery Saver

Input: 12 to 15 volts, D.C. Battery, 12 volts D.C. Battery Saver
Output: 13.8 volts, +/- .1 volts
Output Ripple: 15 mv. RMS max.
Output Current: 3 amps. max.
Warranty: 3 Years

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