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Battery Saver HO, 20 Amp
Cat. No. 091-195-12
Weight 2 lbs

The "BATTERY SAVER HO" is a power supply with a transfer relay, which is installed in a vehicle to provide power for the 12volt accessories. Whenever the 120 VAC power is applied to the vehicle, the "BATTERY SAVER HO" generates +12 VDC and powers the accessories. When the AC power is removed, the loads are returned to the battery. Dual 10 amp outputs are provided. This permits connecting the accessory loads to two batteries or alternatively operating all accessories from the same battery. The effectiveness of the vehicle's battery charger is increased by removing all the constant loads from the battery and permitting the entire charger capacity to be utilized for battery charging.

Provides D.C. Power to Rechargeable Hand Lights and Accessories
Automatically Connects Loads to Battery when A.C. Power is Removed
Low Cost

Input: 120 VAC, 3.0 amps, 12 VDC - from battery
Output: 12 VDC, 20 amps
Warranty: 3 Years

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