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Water Purification 16 oz
Cat. No. SW-16oz
Weight 2 lbs

Silver Water Colloidal Silver is a pure almost atomic sized IONIC SILVER SOLUTION TM suspended in eCrystal energized purified water. It was developed by a research chemist in Weatherford, Texas to provide a natural dietary supplement to minimize sickness caused by infectious disease and fungi and a second immune system resulting in more energy and vitality. Colloidal silver is considered the most universal antibiotic substance. The silver particles attach to and destroy virus, fungi, bacterium, pathogens and free radicals. Harmless to healthy tissue it has no reaction with other medications. The eCrystal Technology allows virtually all body functions and organs to balance energetically and hydration is improved with the hexagonal clustering of the water. Coupled with the well researched and documented benefits of a high quality colloidal silver, this is a superior product.

Colloidal silver is the strongest, safest broad-spectrum antibiotic known to man. It is non-toxic, non-addictive, and has no side effects. The silver particles in colloidal silver contain a positive charge that are attracted to virus, fungi, bacterium, pathogens and free radicals, all which contain a negative charge. When the positive silver ions attach themselves to the negative charged particles of disease in our bodies they quickly disable the oxygen metabolism enzyme suffocating and discharging (killing) the pathogens. The silver particles then release the pathogens and they are cleared out of body by the immune, lymphatic, and elimination systems.

The body develops no tolerance to colloidal silver and one cannot overdose on it. It is safe for pregnant and nursing women. It is odorless, non-stinging, harmless to the eyes, harmless to human enzymes and healthy tissues, and has no reaction with other medications. It can improve digestion, aid in the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues strengthen the immune system, destroy pathogens and free radicals, help to prevent colds, flu and other diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites. Unlike antiseptics, it does not destroy tissues cells and may be safely applied to any part of the body, even the eyes. It is great for sick problems including sunburn, or radiation burns.

With acute infection symptoms or if already ill take two doses 3x a day of 1-2oz (app. 2T) First take one dose, then another 45 minutes later. The pair of doses should be repeated every four hours for at least three days for optimum results. This second dose is crucially important for success in killing 100% of all pathogens or viruses in your body! The purpose of the second dose after 45 minutes is that the kill rate of pathogens levels off at about 90% after 0.7 Hours, or 42 minutes. The kill will only reach about 95% after 2 Hours. By using a second dose at approximately 45 minutes, a 100% kill rate will be achieved at about 1.1 Hours.

For chronic problems: take 1-2oz three times a day for at least one week.

First aid: Spray full strength on cuts, scrapes, burns, infection, acne, yeast infected areas, burns or sunburn. You may soak cotton pad or bandage in Silver Water then place it on injured area.  

Animals: 1-2oz daily as dietary supplement or 2-4oz in water daily if ill or. Spray full strength on cuts, wounds, eyes, and around bedding as needed.

Sanitation: Add 1-2oz per gallon to questionable drinking water, spray full strength on air ducts, counter tops, garbage pails, foods, cutting boards, and mold growing areas.

Plants: Spray plants infested with mold or fungus, 1oz per gallon for root problems.

Hot Tubs or Bird baths: One quarter ounce per gallon of water.

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