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Chest-Style Battery Enclosures for 12 Surrette Batteries
Cat. No. DPW-BB-12SB
Weight 200 lbs

Non-insulated Chest-Style Enclosures Desiend for 12 Surrette Batteries

Chest-Style enclosures are manufactured from 1/8” aluminum and are powder coated with a bright white polyester prouder coat finish. All enclosures include a reinforced top edge. Many enclosures are listed for Concorde, Deka (MK), and Surrette batteries but we can build them to virtually any size. The boxes have a stainless steel padlock hasp. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation for a size or enclosure not listed.

Keeping with our reputation for providing tough products our battery enclosure line is no exception. All POWER-FAB battery enclosures manufactured by Direct Power and Water Corporation are built to high standards to provide a rugged, high quality product.

The standard chest enclosures are manufactured for Deka, Concorde, and Surrette batteries in addition to the generic Groups 27/30, 4D, 8D, L16, and “golf-cart” type batteries.

Standard enclosures are manufactured with .125” 5052-H32 aluminum. All die marks and welds are sanded smooth. and finished with a reflective bright white polyester powder coat. This finish provides a highly reflective surface to minimize internal heat gain.

All enclosures are provided with integrated louvers located low on one side and high on the opposite side to promote convective air flow through the enclosure to reduce internal temperatures and remove gasses. Filters are located over the louvers to keep out dust and insects. The filters are removable for cleaning or replacement.

All standard enclosures are built to meet NEMA 3R specifications. Enclosures are available in NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X for certain situations.

All battery/equipment enclosures are provided with a limited five year warranty.

• .125” 5052-H32 aluminum
• White polyester powder coat finish
• NEMA 3R design
• Ground Skids
• Stainless steel padlock hasp
• Continuous stainless steel hinge
• All welds ground smooth
• Screened/ventilation louvers
• Hot dip galvanizing
• 12 gauge steel
• 14 gauge steel
• Rigid polystyrene insulation
• Stainless steel construction
• Control mounting plate
• Separate electronics compartments
• Integrated PV module mounts
• Carrrying handles
• Active heating/cooling equipment

SS530-2x6 4CS17PS-2x6 4KS25PS-2x6 6EHG31PS-2x6 6CS25PS-2x6 8EHG31PS-2x6 8ECS17PS-2x6 8CS25PS-2x6
29x53x24 35x59x24 35x59x31 46X59X19 49x77x24 59x59x19 59x61x24 61x77x24
92 123 139 135 192 164 186 45
SS530-4x3 4CS17PS-4x3 4KS25PS-4x3 6EHG31PS- 6CS25PS-4x3 8EHG31PS- 8CS17PS-4x3 8CS25PS-4x3
36x43x24 40x52x24 40x52x31 40X68X19 52x73x24 40x88x19 40x91x24 52x91x24
91 123 138 135 191 165 189 228


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