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GS Solar Flame Style LED Light Bulb F-37
Cat. No. F30WW05W
Weight 1 lbs

script>var instantlyMobileSite='ecovantageenergy.com/m.ecovantage/items/item2789.html'; The GS Solar Flame Style LED Light Bulb is a solar light accessory that fits most Gama Sonic lighting products. This solar light bulb emits a flame-like flickering glow to provide plenty of ambiance and visibility to your outdoor space.  The Flame Style LED Light Bulb is eco-friendly and boasts a 10-year lifespan. No electrical wiring is needed for the operation of this light bulb, making it an excellent alternative to electric and gas-powered lighting solutions.

Part # F30WW05W
Features Patented Solar Technology
Measurements (in inches) 1.25 W x 1.25 D x 4.25 H in

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