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Phocos CXNsolid (50 A)
Cat. No. P-CXNsolid
Weight 3 lbs

The CXNsolid is a programmable PWM solar charg e controller for the toughest industrial applications. At 50A max charge/load current, CXNsolid is suitable for PV systems up to 3.5 kW. CXNsolid can be easily paired with the Go Power! GP-SW Pure Sine Wave In (GP-SW-1000, GP-SW-2000, GP-SW-3000).

The battery state of charge is clearly displayed using an LED bar  graph. The deep discharge protection function can be set to up to 2 different modes: voltage-controlled or SOC-controlled. Acoustic warnings (e. g. load-disconnect) are built-in.

Product Features
Multifunction LCD display shows system status
User friendly configuration interface with keys
LEDs display the battery state of charge
Flexible load disconnect algorithms
Temperature-compensated four-stage PWM series charging regulation
Automatic 12/24/48V detection
External temperature sensor
Remote output terminal for the Phocos inverter series
Optional USB interface (MXI + CXLink)
Aluminum housing (IP20)
Datalogger (2 years)

Protection Functions
Overvoltage disconnect function: Disconnects loads when battery voltage is
> 15.5 V in 12V system and
> 31 V in 24V system
Deep discharger protection:
11.5 - 12.0/23.0 - 24.0/46.0 - 48.0 V current adapted (SOC)
11.0 - 11.5/22.0 - 23.0/44.0 - 46.0 V independent from current
Undervoltage disconnect function: Disconnects loads immediatelly when battery voltage is
< 10.5V in 12V system,
< 21V in 24V system
< 42V in 48V system
Overcurrent disconnect function
Short circuit disconnect function
Reverse polarity protection
Over-temperature protection

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