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Uniprox ProxSwitch Kit
Cat. No. UPG-80030
Weight 2 lbs

Self Contained Access Control Prox Reader with Five Key Fobs Master Programming Card

The ProxSwitch reader consists of three parts:a potted unit containing the electronics, a front cover, and an optional spacer plate. A fixed 10 way color-coded cable protrudes from the back of the potted unit.

The reader is suitable for arming and disarming intruder alarm systems or controlling access into a home or small business. lt stores up to 20 valid IDs. When a valid tag is presented to the reader the relay will either pulse or toggle.Two LEDs (RED and GREEN) indicate the current state of the relay during normal operation or are used to Indicate different programming modes.

»Power requirements: 8.0-13.6V dc. Typical current consumption is 75mA.
»RF Frequency: 125kHz.
»40 bit read only transponders supported: EM4001 family, TEMIC e5550 and equivalent devices.
»Typical reading range:keyring tag - 50 mm ISO card - 100mm.
»Operating temperature range:-20°C - +60°C.
»Weight: 90 grams.
»Dimensions:reader 89 x 45 x 16 mm, optional spacer plate 89 x45 x 7 mm.
»Adding and deleting tags is done by simple use of a Master Tag. The optional Tag Simulator / Programming Unit allows the programming (adding & deleting) of lost tags.
»The 1A relay may operate in pulse mode (the relay operates for a pre-set time for each valid tag read) or Toggle mode (the relay state changes for each valid tag read).

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