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Solar Chill Control Package -
Cat. No. AEE-85.6674
Weight 2 lbs

Now cooling your home couldn't be easier with the use of one of our control packages. This wall mounted control box contains a thermostat, a fan switch, a pump switch, and a timer for the cleanout pump. Set the thermostat and go to sleep without worrying about wasting energy or getting too cold. Run just the fan at night to conserve energy and water or just the pump for a few minutes to get the pad wet before firing up the cooler.

The cleanout timer runs a pump that will flush out all the water and harmful minerals from your cooler for five minutes which extends the life of the pump, pads, and cooler box. This is a great add-on to any home cooling system and comes highly recommended by your cooling specialist.

Control Package -
cleanout pump,
cleanout timer in stainless steel box


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