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Battery Analyzer
Cat. No. MT-390PT
Weight 1 lbs

Ensure power reliability with our battery analysis tools for a variety of power applications. Our battery analyzers will help ensure the performance of 6- and 12-volt batteries as well as 24-volt systems.
As technology continues to advance rapidly, the need for reliable power is no longer an option. Our monitoring and maintenance products assure power availability and cost-effective management

The 390PT is a fast, safe analyzer for 6- and 12-volt batteries as well as 24-volt systems. It will test both deep cycle and standard designs of traditional flooded and VRLA (AGM and Gel) batteries. It's Micro-load testing procedure allows fast and easy tests using screen prompts. Includes shock-resistant rubber tester boot to protect your investment from falls and handy user guide on the back.

To read more about the 390PT, click HERE (PDF).

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