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Deka Duration Duel Voltage
Cat. No. DD5300
Weight 126.3 lbs

The Deka Duration DD5300 is a Stackable Battery Module with a DUAL VOLTAGE module that can be used in a Low Voltage configuration or in a High Voltage configuration.

For LOW VOLTAGE (48.5-58.4 Vdc)
For HIGH VOLTAGE (200-934.4 Vdc)
*Voltage ranges are estimates only as they always depend on interactions with other devices and ambient conditions.

Suitable for low voltage nd high voltage systems, 4 protection levels with the DD210002 HV Box for HV applications. BMS with real time balancing ,adaptiove acharge/discharge CAN logic, 3 steps adaptive charging logic, 2xDI/DD proragminbale. mobile app for monitoring and remote contraL , UPDATE , DEBUG. DATA SAVE

LiFePO4 Cells

Established and Safe Lithium-Iron Technology
High Power Density

Modular for Less Space, Lighter Weight and Scalability
Programmable BMS

Increased Industry first for Dual Usage Low & High Voltage Applications
Flexible Installation

Wall Mount or Stackable Floor Mount Modules

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