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Attic Fan Elite Solar Powered Garage Vent
Cat. No. EL-GFAN
Weight 20 lbs

This Solar Powered Fan can also be retrofited to ventilate the garage. It will remove hot and humid air in the warm seasons as well as any harmful fumes caused by automobiles or stored chemicals year round.

Elite's Solar Powered Attic Fans are especially engineered to permit an efficient fresh air circulation, which provides year-round benefits.  For Solar Powered Attic Fans, the solar panel portion of the product and the labor costs associated with the installation can qualify for the tax credit. To find out more on Federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency products visit the Energy Star website.

Fan Components
  • Adjustable Solar Panel- High quality photovoltaic module, 10-, 20- or 30-watt.
  • Top Cover- Aluminum, powder coated black.
  • Louver Ring w/Water Guard - Aluminum, engineered to allow maximum amount of air-flow but small enough to keep critters out.
  • Roof Flashing - Aluminum, powder coated black.
  • Fan Motor - 38.2 VDC brush style motor, formulated with soundless ventilation.
  • Fan Blade - 5 wings, aluminum, maximum air flow with low horsepower consumption.
Comes in two boxes.

ESGEF-K Solar Garage Exhaust Fan Kit 

EMSGEF-K Master Solar Garage Exhaust Fan Kit 

EMSGEF-20CMK Master Solar Garage Exhaust Fan-20Watt Ceiling Mounted Kit (motor mounted on ceiling)
EMSGEF-30CMK Master Solar Garage Exhaust Fan-30Watt Ceiling Mounted Kit (motor mounted on ceiling)
EMSGEF-FD Master Solar Garage Exhaust Fan Fire Damper (to meet Fire Building Codes)



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