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Attic Fan Cyclone Solar Powered Ventilation Moncrystalline
Cat. No. SD-CYCL
Weight 23 lbs

The unit is the only 20 watt product in the business, will move 1275 cfm  and will handle up to a 1600 square foot attic footprint, and we’ll keep that attic at or close to ambient all day long!

SDF-20SF (Self Flashed Base) is designed for sloped low profile roof installations such as composite shingle.  Minimum slope should be greater than 2:12 and maximum slope should be less than 6:12.  (Use a curb mount base if the slope is less or greater than these slope ratios.)

The self flashed base is designed to slide under an existing roof.  The based is attached to the roof decking with either roofing nails or screws.  Care should be taken to waterproof the based to the roof decking and roofing materials.  Use the highest quality roofing silicon.  Always determine the amount of run off water at the head of the base.  If the location of the fan is an area where there may be an excessive amount of run-off water, then use a curb-mount

SDF-20TM Mounts on existing turbon Vents just four screws and it is mounted

SDF-20CM  (Curb Mount Base) is designed for curb mount installations.  Generally a 2"x4" or 2"x6" curb box is built and flashing is attached to the perimeter of the curb box.  Curb mount installations should be used on flat or very low slope roofs.  Curb mount installations are also recommended for higher profile roofs, such as ceramic or concrete tile, certain metal roofs, thick wood shake, etc.  The flashing materials are generally metal, but can be made of certain types of roofing materials.  Care should be taken to isolate dissimilar metals and to properly waterproof the curb box to the roof. 

On top of the curb box, attach weather stripping or two sided foam tape.  Place the SDF-20CM base on top of the curb box and fasten at least two screws on each side into the curb box.

Turben Vent Upgrade Mount



1275 CFM

Solar Panels:

Sun Wise  Moncrystalline

Fan Blade: 
12" diameter, one-piece aluminum 5 blade with optimum pitch (coated with black enamel paint).

Whisper-quiet direct current, variable voltage 1-36 VDC sealed ball bearing, hardened stainless steel shaft, zinc plated steel motor housing, dynamically balance armature skewed for low clogging.

16 AWG stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Bolts, nuts, and self taping screws.  Stainless steel and aluminum pop rivets.

Screen: 1/8" heavy gauge stainless steel to provide maximum protection from insects, but will not impede airflow.

To view or download self flashed installation instructions click HERE.

5 Year Limited Warranty

The Cycolon is now recognized as a "GreenSpec" listed product via BuildingGreen.com. The significance of this is that it qualifies it for LEED credits in commercial construction projects, and thats a big deal with commercial builders vying for energy tax credits





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