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Airpax Small Frame Double Pole
Cat. No. CBS-10A-DP
Weight 0.5 lbs

IEG magnetic circuit breakers provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. Designed using the latest in sensitive hydraulic magnetic technology, the IEG line adapts itself to many applications and environments. They are ideal for marine applications, data processing and business machines, as well as medical instrumentation, broadcast equipment, vending and amusement machines, military applications and wherever precision operation is required. Temperature differences which affect fuses and other thermal devices are not a concern. One important feature of this breaker line is a 'trip free' action, which means the circuit will trip in the presence of an overload even though the handle is held in the ON position. The delay mechanism senses the fault and the contacts open.
  • Spacing compliance: IEC specification 601, 950; VDE 0804, 0805
  • UL recognized; CSA certified; VDE 0660 approved; Part 101 and CE compliant
  • Available in single or double pole; triple pole available on special orders
  • Please Note: Part numbers shown are all BEP specific and have no reference to the Airpax part number system

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