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Intellitec Battery Disconnect Remote Model BD3
Cat. No. 00-01090-000
Weight 3.5 lbs

Model BD3 - replaced by  the 11-01090-000

Intended for remote disconnect of both coach and chassis batteries of motor homes. Needs two relays, 25 feet of cable, and monitor panel with two on-off indicators, digital voltmeter, and ignition interlock to prevent disconnection while engine is running.

4.5 in W X 3.5 in H

Replacement Components for existing systems:
The following Intellitec Battery Disconnect parts have been obsoleted but have replacement options. The
table below shows the required replacement switch panel and associated harness necessary to convert from
the existing batter disconnect panel to the current:

Obsolete Switch Panel Replacement Switch Panel New Wire Harness Adapter Wire Harness
01-00066-000 / -004 00-01114-000 11-00064-000 11-00064-001
01-00066-001 / -005 00-01090-100 11-01090-100 11-01090-103
01-00066-002 / -006 00-01090-000 11-01090-001 11-01090-003
01-00066-003 / -007 00-01090-000 11-01090-001 11-01090-003

*New Wire Harness is only necessary if removing previously installed wire harness. If existing wire harness is still functional then an adapter wire harness should be used.


Option 1:

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