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Cable Ties Kit
Cat. No. ANCOR-350025
Weight 1 lbs

Marinco® offers a wide variety of materials, styles, and sizing options. A patented, DoubleLockô design offers increased tensile strength that is 33% stronger than the industry standard cable tie. With a unique design and high-quality construction, Marinco® cable ties provide a great solution for bundling wire, cable, hoses, cords and countless other applications.

Heavy-duty Cable Ties

Length Description Unit Qty Item # Bubbel Lock Grip Ratted
Tensile Strength
8" assorted colors 24 199224 yes yes 75 lbs
4", 6", 8" assorted colors 500 199225 no yes 18, 45, 75 lbs
4", 8" natural/ UVB* 25 199261 no yes 18, 75 lbs

* UV Resistant


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