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Grid Tie Systems with Battery Backup E-Panel with 295W Trina Modules
Cat. No. SW_999GTBxx
Weight 200 lbs

SunWize® Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup

Featuring the MidNite Solar E-Panel and OutBack GTFX 3048-1 and GVFX 3648-1 Inverter

SunWize Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup offer SunWize modules and high-quality system components to provide reliable power. All major components needed for a successful installation are included with each system. In addition to solar modules and batteries, each system includes a pre-assembled, factory-tested SunWize Power Center with AC/DC disconnects and PV ground fault protection, a UniRac SolarMount support structure, MC cables, and a lockable, indoor battery enclosure. The installer provides the common AC wiring.

For power needs beyond 7.2kW, additional power systems can be installed for other critical loads. An optional PSX240 transformer can be added for 120/240Vac applications. All SunWize systems include complete documentation, an installation guide and owners manual.

SunWize modules carry a 25-year warranty on power output. The SunWize Power Center carries a 1-year SunWize warranty and the Concorde batteries have an 18-month warranty. The OutBack inverters carry a 5-year warranty and 10 years in California and the FM60 controllers have a 5-year warranty.

Sealed AGM batteries provide 9 kWh (@ 24 hr. rate) of reserve power. Expandable up to 27 kWh. Maintenance-free batteries are designed to last 10+ years in float condition. battery enclosure dimensions: 33.6W x 34.2H x 15.2D, weight without batteries: 30 lbs.

SunWize power Center assembly dimensions: 26 x 18 x 18, weight: 100 lbs.
Only experienced solar energy dealers or electrical contractors should install SunWize Grid-Tie Systems.

Part # PV Array
Power (kW)
(Vac) *
PV# Series
x Parallel
PV String
(Voc) (Vdc)
PV String
(Isc) (Adc)
PV Array
(Isc) (Adc)
2950 T295 9 kWh GTFX3048 3.0 120 10 x 1 114 4.94 29.64
999GTB111 2950 T295 9 kWh GTFX3048 3.0 120 10 x 1 114 4.94 34.58
999GTB113 3540 T295 26 kWh GS8048 8.0
120/240 6 x 2 114 4.94 34.58
999GTB114 7080 T295 26 kWh GS8048 8.0 120/240 6 x 4 114 4.94 39.52



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