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Smartflower +Plus Grid Tied Tracker
Cat. No. SF+
Weight 1900 lbs

Smartflower +Plus
Get solar energy on-demand whether youíre on or off the grid. smartflower.com |

Generating and storing clean solar energy is now easier than ever with Smartflower +Plus. Store your clean solar energy reliably with our integrated battery storage system! Whether youíre on or off the grid, Smartflower +Plus provides an easy installation with greater peace of mind. 

With a fully integrated battery storage system, Smartflower +Plus lets you store clean solar energy for when you need it most. It is the perfect product for off-the-grid usage, with the clean solar energy produced during the day being stored in batteries for future use. That means that even during peak demand times, or when the power is out, your Smartflower +Plus will continue to provide you with clean and reliable energy whether youíre on or off the grid.

Control your Smartflower and monitor your energy production from the comfort of your phone with our remote monitoring app.

Self-cleaning and convection cooling keep Smartflower running at maximum efficiency.

Our certified Smartflower technicians can set it up in just a few hours, providing you with immediate energy independence.

Unique and powerful features packaged in an award-winning design.

50 Times Greater. 100 Times Faster.

The NEC batteries in the Smartflower +Plus promises strong performance and life across temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F to as high as 60°C/140°F. This means you get up to 50 times a greater cycle life, twice the usable energy, and charging times 100 times faster than typical lead-acid batteries. What could be better than that?

Follow the Sun.
Smartflower +Plus automatically unfolds every morning. The dual-axis system allows Smartflower +Plusís solar panels to always maintain the optimal 90° angle to the sun. This produces up to 40% more power than a conventional solar system and capable of producing up to 6,500 kWh/year, depending on your location.

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