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RV Detachable Power Conversion Kit 50 Amp
Cat. No. M-50ARVKIT
Weight 3 lbs

ParkPower makes hooking up your RV electrical service much easier. The ParkPower detachable power system uses the same rugged components developed for marine use. At the core is the ParkPower inlet and connector with weatherproof cover. After installing the inlet on the side of the RV, the original power cord that came with the RV can be modified by installing the connector and cover on the severed end. Detachable power allows you to use a variety of power cords and adapters to make hook-up easier. All components are of the highest quality construction and are built to give years of service. ParkPower stands behind our electrical products with a 5 year warranty. Easy to follow installation instructions make conversion to detachable power a snap.
  • Converts 50A hard wired RV power hook-up to detachable power hook-u
  • Easy to install
  • Easy Lock system
  • High quality corrosion resistant construction
  • Includes everything needed to complete the conversion:
  • 6344EL-BRV 50A contoured power inlet
  • 6364CRV 50A female connector (installs to RV power cord) 7715CRV weatherproof cover with threaded ring
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Mounting gaskets
  • Electrical box
  • Strain relief

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