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Circuit Breaker Finder
Cat. No. SP-CS550A
Weight 3 lbs

Sperry makes the job of locating electrical circuits (AC circuits of 110-125 volts) quick and easy. Turning off the correct breaker is critical when considering work on an electrical circuit and can take an excessive amount of time using "trial and error" until you hit the right one. This Circuit Breaker Finder features a sending unit which you plug into a receptacle in the room where you want to work and a receiving unit which you use to test the breakers to correctly identify the right breaker every time. The receiver features both a visual flashing light and an audible beeping to alert you when the correct breaker is identified. The package includes a user manual and a 9 volt battery required for the receiver unit. A video demonstrating how to correctly use the product is located at www.sperryinstruments.com for easy reference. Unit includes a 1 year warranty.
  • Quickly and easily identify correct circuit breaker or fuse protecting a specific electrical circuit
  • Designed for operation at 120V AC, 50 to 60Hz
  • Audible alert and bright LED visual indication
  • Includes transmitter and receiver
  • Requires no service interruption
  • Receiver operates from one 9 volt battery included
CS550A USE 0
Operating Instructions Model CS550A Circuit Breaker Finder

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