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RV Detachable Power Conversion Kit 30 Amp
Cat. No. M-30ARVKIT
Weight 3 lbs

This convenient 30 Amp power cord conversion kit allows you to convert your hard-wired power cord into a detachable power cord, which provides convenience during the transportation and storage of your RV.
  • Converts 30A hard wired RV power hook-up to detachable power hook-up.
  • Includes: inlet, female connector, weatherproof cover, mounting adapters and gaskets, electrical box.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions.
  • High quality corrosion resistant construction.
  • Park Power by Marinco
  • 304EL-BRV 30A contoured power inlet 305CRV 30A female connector (installs to RV power cord) 103RV comfort grip weatherproof cover with threaded ring
  • Mounting adapters and gaskets
  • Circular metal ring covers the opening left by the removal of the access port door
  • Electrical box
  • Strain relief
  • Easy to follow installation instructions

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