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Deka Unigy I Series batteries 90 Ah
Cat. No. MK-12AVR-90
Weight 66 lbs

  •   Epoxy-sealed inserted posts deliver reliable standby power under the most demanding applications
  •   Space saving Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction (48 volt system fits in 23" racks)
  •   Tank formed plates optimize cell voltage balance and performance
  •   Reinforced case resists bulging and meets safety requirements (rated 28 L.O.I.)
  •   Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products
  •   All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 485 and Telcordia capacity requirements.
  •   Battery design and construction meet UL recognition requirements
* @77°F (25°C) Subject to change without notice.

Nominal Voltage: 12-Volt/82 ampere-hours @ 8hr rate to 1.75 final volts/cell
Positive Plate: Pure lead, low-calcium, high-tin alloy
Negative Plate: Lead calcium alloy
Post Seal: Epoxy-sealed
Terminal: 1/4" x 20 brass insert
Container: Flame-retardant, polypropylene - UL 94 V-0/>28% L.O.I.
Safety Vent: Low positive pressure, self-sealing w/ flame arrestor
Float Voltage: 2.25 volts per cell ± 0.01 vpc (13.50 volts per 6-cell unit)

Design Life: 10 years in float applications at 77°F/25°C
12.01" (305 mm) L
x 6.80" (173 mm) W
x 8.24" (209 mm) H
Weight: 66 lbs. (29.9 kg)


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