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Deka Unigy II Series 6AVR95
Cat. No. MK-6AVR95-15
Weight 600 lbs

Container Material: Standard Polypropylene This material is typically used when there are no requirements for a flame retardant material. Add S suffix to module number when ordering. (ex. 6AVR95-07S) Flame Retardant Polypropylene (Optional) This material is a V-O halogenated polypropylene. This material has an LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) of greater than or equal to 28%. Add L suffix to module number when ordering. (ex. 6AVR95-07L)

Termination: Top or side termination is available as a standard feature at no additional cost.

Module Size: There are various module sizes, a 6-cell module for 7 thru 15 plate cells and a 3-cell module for 17 thru 33 plate cells. These module sizes are our most popular configurations. For special space requirements, there are two additional sizes, a 4-cell module for 7 thru 15 plate cells and a 2-cell module for 17 thru 33 plate cells. It offers more choices in configuring the battery system, provides more flexibility when selecting height and lengthof your particular system configurations, and enhances overall space saving and versatility.

Maximum Modules: Modules can be stacked from one module high all the way up to eight modules high and still meet UBC 97 seismic zone 4 standards (using a one-piece base).

Connector Package:
Our standard connector package meets discharge rates as low as the one hour rate to 1.75 vpc. Optional packages are available to provide the proper hardware for your higher rate applications.

Base Support: The standard base support is made up of two pieces, a left and a right side support. It is UBC 97 certified up to and including seismic zone 3 faultline. (For details on optionalOne-Piece base, see below

C/8 @
1.75 vpc
Length 2 (mm) Depth 3 (mm) Height 4 (mm) Weight 5 (kgs.)
6 15 6AVR95-15 12 665 37.00"
715 lbs.

1 Add S, for Standard Polypropylene, or L, for Flame Retardant
Polypropylene, suffix to module number. (ex. 6AVR95-07S)
2 For system length take dimension and multiply by number of
stacks. For side termination add additional 6" (3" per side).
3 Includes front shield. Add additional .75" for one-piece base.
4 For module stack height, subtract 1.5" from height and
multiply by number of modules and then add 1.5."
For overall battery height (top termination) add 4" for base,
1.5" for terminal bracket and 6.25" for top shield.
5 Weight includes module + cells, but not the cell hardware


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