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Apollo Solar Wireless Remote Display
Cat. No. SWI-RD100
Weight 1.4 lbs

In a convenient, portable unit, the Apollo Solar Wireless Remote Display monitors the PV-Battery System from anywhere by tracking power production and consumption and then calculating the energy remaining in the battery. The data showing the comprehensive status of the PV Array, the Controller, and the Battery System is transmitted via WiFi from the battery energy meter that is built into the Apollo Solar T80 and T100 charge controllers. Available in two models, the RD100 and the RD300, the Wireless Remote shows State-of-Charge (SOC) in Percent Full, Amp-Hours, and Bar-Graph format, an easy-to read “gas gauge” essential for optimal performance of battery-based systems.  Also displayed are the PV current and voltage as well as the Battery charge/discharge Amps.

The RD wired display can be up to 100 feet from the controller using 4-conductor telephone cable.  The RD100 wireless display can be 100 feet away from controller in buildings and 300 feet line-of-sight.  Its built in batteries last up to 3 months and can be recharged from 12 or 24 VDC or 115 VAC.

Optional network card allows you to stack up to 16 controllers on one battery bank.  Add a network card to each controller and connect with Cat 5 cables.  One controller acts as a master and the others as slaves.

Distance Range
SD Memory Card
Environmental Rating
300 ft outside/
Up to 2.0GB
100 ft in buildings
Indoor Type 1
1 mile outside/
Up to 2.0GB
300 ft in buildings
Indoor Type 1
1000 feet (Cat5 cable)
Up to 2.0GB
Indoor Type 1



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