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Enphase Consumption CT
Cat. No. CT-200-SPLIT
Weight 10 lbs

Enphase Consumption CT

Current Transformers(CTs) enable consumption monitoring when installed with an EnvoyTM S Metered or IQTM Envoy.

Install a pair of CTs for monitoring split-phase consumption.
Enable whole-home consumption metering with an accuracy of +/- 2.5%
Includes 8' 18AWG wire.
Two CTs are required for most residential 240v applications. Three (or six) for commercial.

Split-core current transformer (CT), accuracy +/- 2.5%.

For use with IQ Envoy Metered: ENV-IQ-AM1-240 M, X-IQ-AM-240-B M OR Envoy-S Metered: ENV-S-AM1-120 M, XAM1-120-B M

When considering consumption monitoring, first determine if the split-core consumption CTs can be readily installed around the service conductors or busbars. If the consumption CTs cannot be easily installed on the service panel, additional electrical wiring may be required to prepare the site.

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