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Xantrex XPower PowerPack 300 watt
Cat. No. 852-0301
Weight 10 lbs

Provides Portable Power
Powered by a rechargeable battery, XPower Powerpack 300 provides up to 300 watts of AC power –the same type that you plug into at home so you can run home and office or electrical systems anytime, anywhere. It can also jump start a vehicle and operate a wide variety of DC power products. XPower Powerpack 300 is compact, portable, easy to use, requires no maintenance and, unlike a generator, creates no noise or fumes – which makes it ideal to use in your house, apartment, RV or van.

Product Features
  • Runs 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
  • Built-in 300 watt inverter
  • Sealed, non-spillable 21amp-hour AGM battery
  • Dual AC outlets allow operation of multiple products
  • Contains 12-volt DC power socket and vehicle jumper cable port
  • Easy to monitor display panel located on the front of the unit displays charge level
  • Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer inverter life
  • Low battery voltage alarm sounds prior to automatic AC power shutdown
  • Recharge at home (up to 40 hours) or from a vehicle (4 hours)
  • One year warranty

  • AC Charger – recharge XPower Powerpack 300 from a standard wall outlet
  • DC Charging Cable – recharge XPower Powerpack 300 from your car, truck or RV
  • Jumper Cables - use XPower Powerpack 300 to jump start your vehicle
  • DC Fluorescent Emergency Lamp – illuminates for up to 25 hours
  • Accessory Bag

  • For power emergencies – run TVs, radios, lamps, fans and other essentials
  • For portable AC power – operate TVs and VCRs, stereos and CD players, video games, laptops, portable coolers and more when camping, boating, or anywhere you travel
  • For jump starting vehicles – includes cables that safely and easily connect to XPower Powerpack 300

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