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AT10 Series chargers
Cat. No. GNB-AT10
Weight 15 lbs

Microprocessor Control SCR Technology Ideal for Utility, Industrial, & Communications Applications Single Phase UL Listed

  • Modular ConstructionR ectifier, microprocessor control, input/output, power transformer, filter and alarm assemblies are all modular and easily replaceable.
  • Thirty Year Life All units are engineered for a 30 year life with a MTBF of 60,000 hours (6.85 years).
  • Field Service...Less Than 60 Minutes For fast service, enclosure and instrument panel are easily removable without disturbing chassis or installed conduit. Schematic and diagnostic information
  • plates are mounted on enclosure.Modular construction and self-diagnostics result in an MTTR of less than 60 minutes.
  • Install on Wall, Stand or Rack Units are easily wall mounted. Floor stands or rack mounting provisions are optional.
  • Fast, On-line Adjustment
  • Control, alarm and operating level set points are
  • adjusted digitally from the front panel while-on-line,
  • without the need to vary loads or external conditions.
  • Engineered for Safety

Units are designed and tested to applicable NEMA
standards and to Underwriter’s Laboratory Standard
UL-1564. All units are UL listed.

Standard Features
  • 1% Digital LED meter for Vdc,Adc, timer hours and alarm settings
  •  AC ON indicating light
  •  AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  •  Float/Equalize selector switch with indicating lights
  •  Manual equalize timer (0-255 hr.) with indicating light
  •  AC line failure automatic equalize timer (0-255 hr) with indicating light
  •  Local or remote voltage sense
  •  High DC voltage shut-down
  •  Reverse polarity protection
  •  Front panel controls can be disabled for security
  •  MOV surge suppressors
  •  I/O compression lugs
  •  Switchboard wire, UL VW-1
  •  Membrane front panel
  •  ANSI 61 gray baked powder epoxy finish

Place an “F” after the part number when ordering a charger with filtering.
130Vdc AT10 chargers have 100 mV Filtering
Place an “FE” after the part number when ordering a charger with a battery eliminator.  The filtering is included.



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