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Delta Lightning Arrestors
Cat. No. DL- 53.41xx
Weight 2 lbs

Delta  lightning arrestors have a maximum current rating of 60,000 amps and 2,000 joules per line.  Response time is 25 ns to clamp 50,000 amps.  Mounts easily in a 1/2" knockout.  Install the DC version for surge protection on wires coming from a PV array, DC wind generator or DC hydroelectric turbine. Use the 600 VDC unit for high-voltage grid-tie PV arrays.  Lightning protection can be installed in a combiner box, DC load center or grid-tie inverter.  The AC versions can be mounted in you AC load center to protect 120/240 VAC wiring running outside of the building, to generators, pumps or outbuildings.  All units are waterproof.

                 Why Have Surge Protection?
Photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric systems usually have long runs of exposed wire that can pick up surges from lightning, even if the lightning strike is not nearby.  These power surges can damage sensitive electronic components in meters, charge controllers and inverters.  Surges can also damage telephone, audio and video equipment connected to the power system.  It is a good idea to install surge protection on all incoming wires in the system, including incoming PV, wind ao hydroelectric power lines, AC generator lines, telephone and antenna leads.  Proper grounding is absolutely necessary for lightning protection to be effective.  In the event of a direct strike, damage may occur, even with surge protectors installed.  
Type 1 heavy duty surge protectors are recommended when a direct lightning strike is possible on the installation.



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