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AC 2 Sources + 12 Positions/DC Main + 19 Position
Cat. No. BS-8086
Weight 12.8 lbs

AC 2 Sources + 12 Positions/DC Main + 19 Position
    Includes set of 30 common AC and 30 common DC labels
    All AC and DC buses installed, fully pre-wired
    Label backlighting pre-installed
    All LEDs installed
    Maximum panel Amperage
      -  100 Amperes DC
      -  50 Amperes AC

AC Features
    Two separate AC load groups with transfer switch to combine into one load group
    Switch allows Ammeter and Voltmeter to read either AC load group
    Reverse polarity indicators on both AC load groups
    Ready for installation of optional 4031 AC Isolation Cover
    9353, 0-150 Volt AC Voltmeter
    9630, 0-50 Amp AC Ammeter
DC Features
    100 Amp C-Series circuit breaker provides main circuit protection and switching for DC branch circuits
    8003, 8-16 Volt DC Voltmeter
    8017, 0-100 Amp DC Ammeter


Positions 12 AC
19 DC
Source Selection 3 AC
Nominal Voltage 120V AC
12V DC
Height 11.50in (292.1 mm)
Width 19.50in (495.3 mm)
Depth 3.00in (76.2 mm)
Weight 12.45lb (5.65 kg)


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