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Compact LED EverLite™ - EL6C
Cat. No. EL6C
Weight 1 lbs

Heavy Duty Compact   12+ hour light on full charge,
Has larger solar panel for overcast weather or faster recharge.

Powerful 1/2 amp solar panel plugs into lamp base.  8 LED Lamp is about 6” high, 3” in diameter. Nickel-metal hydride battery.

Solar panel is 5-1/4” x 9-3/4” x 5/8” with mounting bracket, 15’ cord, DC plug.
  • 6 hours of sunlight provides a full charge so the LEDs run all night (12+ hours)
  • Bright white LED light provides good visibility up to 80 feet distance
  • Photocell on back of the lamp head turns on the LEDs only in darkness
  • Lightweight lamp (8 oz) with lamp head that also folds down to turn off the LEDs
  • Lifetime solar panel (5x5 inches) with U-bracket mount and angle adjustment
  • 10 ft solar panel cord plugs into the lamp base for charging the lamp
  • Charge cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc. by plugging in optional Accessories

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