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Cathodic Protection 12 -40 V
Cat. No. SC-CP122415
Weight 2 lbs

12 / 24 V @ 15 Amp Cathodic Protection Controller


Used to control the current injected into the ground bed to prevent the rusting of iron and/or steel objects inbedded in the ground. This highly efficient highly and stable multiple control mode unit switches automatically between the various control modes to maintain the proper structure potential as the ground bed resistance changes with operating conditions.

  • Ultra high efficieny >96 % typical
  • Excellent Control Features with automatic switchover

  • Constant Voltage

  • Constant Current

  • Half Cell Voltage Regulation

  • Transient Protection on all connections
  • Ideal for solar powered battery backed cathodic protection systems very high efficiency maximizes the performance of your solar investment while minimizing cost
  • User adjustable output voltage, current limit and half cell voltage regulation with automatic crossover
  • Remote control (instant on/off) and metering options available for sequenced operation

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage 10 V to 40 V
Output Voltage
User adjustable
2.0 to 32.0 Volts
Output Current
User adjustable
0 .1 to 20 amps
Half cell Voltage
User adjustable
0.2 to 3.0 Volts
Ripple at load (mv rms) 20
Efficiency >96%
Transient Protection all inputs and outputs
protected and tested
Transient response (10% - 90%) 20 ms to return to regulation
User Controls voltage, current limit
and half cell regulation

Mechanical Specifications

Open Frame style for mount in NEMA enclosures. Also available in a 4" X 4" X 1.5" NEMA 4 box.


  • 4.88" X 4.88" X 1.5"
  • approx 2 lbs.
Temperature Range:
  • -40 deg C to 75 deg C

It is recommended, as with all electronics, that the unit not be placed in direct sunshine.

  • Power Eurostyle Terminal Strip, Wire size: #10 AWG
  • Signal Eurostyle Terminal Strip, Wire size: #18 AWG
  • 90 % non-condensing, designed and tested for operation in a NEMA 12, 4, 4X enclosure = weatherproof
Application Notes
  1. It is recommended that the unit be placed in a system that has an LVD capability, unit shuts down under 10 V input
  2. When not operating in half cell voltage regulation, short half cell sense to itself
  3. Addition of simple transformer and diode bridge, unit becomes AC powered

Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.


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