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DPDT 30A Relays
Cat. No. AEE-53.82
Weight 1 lbs

DPDT 30A Relays
These double-pole, double-throw relays can be used for up to 30 amps at 12 or 24 volts DC or 250 volts AC. All contact surfaces are silver alloy with gold flashing. Contact terminals are #8-32 screws and coil terminals are #6-32 screws. Relays with 120 VAC or 240 VAC coils can be used to build simple transfer switches. Relays with DC coils can be used for remote operation of pumps and fans.
By connecting a relay with a DC coil to a voltage controlled switch  AC or DC loads may be turned on or off based on battery voltage levels.

DPDT 30A Relay - 12VDC coil 53.8281 Dayton
DPDT 30A Relay - 24VDC coil 53.8287 Dayton
DPDT 30A Relay - 120VAC coil 53.8278 Dayton
DPDT 30A Relay - 240VAC coil 53.8284 Dayton


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