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SMA America LLC STP60-US-10, 60KW
Cat. No. STP60-US-10
Weight 165 lbs

Sunny tripower 60-us The efficient solution for medium to large-scale PV Plants The new Sunny Tripower 60-US is part of an innovative, global system solution for commercial and utility PV plants. This solution combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with the benefits of centralized inverter designs which results in the best of both worlds. High efficiency, easy installation, simple commissioning and low maintenance requirements contribute decisively to reducing the operating costs for the entire plant.

The new SMA system solution consists of three components: highly efficient Sunny Tripower 60-US inverters, the SMA Inverter Manager and the LCS commissioning tool. It is precisely this systemized approach that makes the Sunny Tripower 60-US so unique and ensures a high level of performance

Technical data Sunny Tripower 60-US
Input (DC)
Max. input voltage 1,000 V
MPP voltage range 570 V to 800 V @400 VAC, 685 V to 800 V @480 VAC
Min. input voltage 565 V @400 VAC, 680 V @480 VAC
Max. input current / short-circuit current 110 A / 150 A
Number of independent MPP inputs / strings per MPP input 1/1 (split up by external PV array junction box)
Output (AC)
Rated power at nominal voltage 60,000 W
Max. apparent AC power 60,000 VA
Output Phases / line connections 3 / PE
Nominal AC voltage 400 V, 480 V
Nominal AC voltage range 352 V to 440 V @400 VAC, 423 V to 528 V @480 VAC
AC power frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage 50 Hz, 60 Hz / 400 V, 480 V
Max. output current 3 x 87 A @ 400 V, 3 x 72 A @ 480 V
Power factor at rated power/displacement power factor adjustable 1/0.8 lagging ... 0.8 leading
Feed-in phases / connection phases 3 / 3
Max. efficiency / CEC @ 400 VAC / CEC @ 480 VAC 98.8% / 98.0% / 98.5%

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