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Xantrex PowerHub 1800
Cat. No. PH1800-GFP
Weight 57.5 lbs

PowerHub 1800

The Xantrex PowerHub is designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The PowerHub is an inverter/battery charger combination with an attached battery box for two 100 amp-hour 12-volt batteries. One or two battery boxes can be attached to the PowerHub.

The PowerHub with two fully charged 100 Ah batteries can deliver up 950 watt-hours of electricity to run small appliances in a weekend cabin or during a power failure. The PowerHub allows batteries to be recharged with a small wind generator and/or PV systems, with a gas generator or with utility power. It does not have a built-in charge controller for PV modules but it has two DC charging inputs, one at 32 amps maximum, labeled PV and one at 80 amps labeled wind. Both could be used for PV with the addition of a charge controller. The 80-amp input is suitable for an AirX wind turbine (page 61) which has a built-in regulator.

When AC power is available from a generator or utility grid, the PowerHub will function as an automatic backup power unit. It will sit in bypass mode and will pass the power through to support the loads and/or the battery charger. When AC power is connected to the unit, input from wind or solar will not be used for powering the loads. When the AC input fails, the PowerHub’s automatic transfer relay de-energizes and will switch the unit to inverter mode within 40 milliseconds.

Once AC input is restored, after a 20-second delay the relay energizes and qualifies the AC input and the load is automatically reconnected to the primary AC source.

When no AC power is available from a generator or utility grid, the inverter draws power from the battery bank and delivers a modified-sine wave AC output voltage. This output voltage can be accessed by using the four outlets on the front of the unit or by hard wiring the unit to the AC distribution panel which provides AC power to AC outlets at the site.

The inverter control panel provides a user interface for monitoring power levels, battery levels, and controlling the inverter functions
and displays. Four 120VAC outlets on the front panel provide up to 1440W (continuous) output power. One 15 A supplemental protector provides over-load protection to the four AC outlets on the front panel. CSA Listed. 1-year warranty.

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