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SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1
Cat. No. CORE1
Weight 180 lbs

The Sunny Tripower CORE1 is the world’s first free-standing PV inverter for commercial rooftops, carports and ground-mount solar projects. As the next generation of SMA’s industry leading Sunny Tripower product line, the CORE1 revolutionizes the commercial inverter category. Its innovative design reduces both installation time and costs to provide the highest return on investment. From distribution to construction to operation, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 enables logistical, material, labor and service cost reductions. With built-in WLAN for fast commissioning, advanced communications and smart inverter grid support functions, commercial installations are up and running faster and simpler than ever.

Highly integrated
  • Compact design with maximum power density achieves logistical cost savings
  • 12 direct string inputs enable reduced labor and material costs
  • Integrated AC and DC overvoltage protection

Maximum energy harvest
  • Unique design allows for DC:AC ratios up to 150%, maximizing power throughout the day
  • Six MPP trackers ensure maximum production in any application or shading situation

Cost effective
  • Integrated AC and DC disconnects save material costs
  • No racking required for rooftop applications, creating additional cost savings
  • No PV fuses required

Fastest installation
  • Built in WLAN access from any mobile device makes accessing the CORE1 easy and effective
  • Simplified inverter configuration and commissioning, which accelerates installation and saves installers’ valuable time



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