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12 Volt Extension Cord
Cat. No. 12VXTRV
Weight 1 lbs

12 Volt Extension Cord

This 12 Volt extension cord allows you to extend over six (6) feet to access far to reach 12 Volt accessories and outlets. The cord will work with any standard 12 Volt plug and receptacle. When the plug is inserted into an outlet, and LED lights indicates that power is following through the cord. This extension cord is great for trailers, RVs, transportation and marine vehicles, or for everyday use in cars.
  • Heavy duty 18 gauge wire, extends to over 6 feet.
  • Watertight cap.
  • Plug features an LED indicator light, moisture proof sealing ring, strain relief and built-in 10A fuse.
  • Locking system.
  • Works with any standard 12V plug and receptacle.
  • Park Power by Marinco

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