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Exeltech MX Series 19 inch cage
Cat. No. EXL-MX19
Weight 35 lbs

EXELTECH manufactures the world's first truly redundant, modular inverter system; the most reliable inverter system available. No single malfunction will cause the inverter system to fail. Modules are "hot" insertable. Power levels are expandable, and modules can be added or replaced without interruption in power to your critical loads.

The MX system can be configured for power levels from 1 to 20KW with 120 Vac output. Up to 40KW at 240 Vac bi-phase or 60KW at 208 Vac 3 phase with many input and output voltages also available.

A control card and any number of additional 1000 Watt power modules combine to make a standard inverter. This type of system can be expanded as power requirements increase, and upgraded to be N+1 redundant as desired.

The MX system is extremely compact and lightweight. Power modules weigh only 7 lbs. Each.

Output voltage is precisely regulated, so that no measurable voltage change occurs on the output as input voltage fluctuates. Similarly, less than 0.5 volt change in output voltage will occur when the output load varies from 0 to 100% of rated power. With distortion of 2% maximum, this inverter offers the cleanest sine wave power available.

Models are available which cover all standard battery systems. Custom models can be designed to meet your specific input voltage requirements.

Option (08) Low Idle Current Drain- A ferrite bar across the inductor to aid in reducing power draw when the unit is on but under no load.

Option (07) Conformal Coating- Protects the cicuit board in high humidity or airborne contaminant environments.


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