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Intellitec’s Five Relay / Fuse Module 12V
Cat. No. 00-00659-000
Weight 1 lbs

Five Relay / Fuse Module 12V
Intellitec’s Five Relay/Fuse Module is a building block that can be used to control various loads in a bus or limousine electrical system. This unit can provide up to 50 Amps of combined current to the five outputs. Each of the fuses can be up to 20Amps.

One end of each of the relay coils is tied together in the module and the other end is brought out to a Mate-N-Lok connector to make installation and service a simple matter of plugging. This common connection can be connected to ground for “high side” switching, or fed from a 12 volt power source to allow for low side switching.

Key Features:
• 5 Outputs
• Up to 50A total current capacity
• Max 20A on a single fuse
• Mate N Lok connectors
• Rugged construction

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