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Pushmatic AC Breaker Double
Cat. No. PPxx/xx
Weight 1 lbs

Double Pushmatic AC Breaker

15/15 Double Pushmatic AC Breaker

15/20 Double Pushmatic AC Breaker

20/20 Double Pushmatic AC Breaker
Representative samples of the UBI Series were tested in accordance with the National Electrical Code and the Standard for Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Enclosures, ANSI/UL 489, 10th Edition. The following tests were performed: 200% Calibration at 25°C, 135% Calibration at 25°C Overload, Tungsten Lamp Load, 100% Calibration at 40°C, Endurance,  Interrupting Ability, 200% trip-out at 25°C and Dielectric Voltage Withstand.

After evaluation, these breakers were found to comply with the applicable requirements of the Standard for Molded-Case Breakers and Circuit Breaker Enclosures (ANSI/UL 489, 10th Edition), as required by the National Electric Code.

Product Data:
* Double Pole
* 10,000 Amp Interrupting Rating
* HACR and SWD Rated

*Pushmatic is a registered trademark of Siemens Energy and Automation.

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