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Intellitec 50A Smart EMS
Cat. No. 00-00894- xxx
Weight 2 lbs

The SmartEMS- 50Amp senses that the coach is connected to a 50Amp source by measuring the line to line voltage. This is normally 240 volts. When the coach is plugged into  50Ampservice the system "goes to sleep". If the coach is "dog-boned down" to connect to a smaller service, the line to line voltage will be zero. When it senses the smaller service, it automatically takes control of loads. These are typically those whose function can be postponed until there is enough power available to
operate them.

When the shore cord is first plugged in to a smaller service, SmartEMS- 50Amp turns on power to the controlled loads, in order, as long as the total current doesn’t exceed 30Amps. This happens within seconds, so it is transparent to the owner. If the total current exceeds 30 Amps, the SmartEMS- 50Amp senses this over-load and turns off the next controlled load in order. The system notes the amount of current “decrease” and puts that amount in memory as the amount of current that appliance was drawing. The system continues to monitor the total current and when it drops to a level that is the amount of the controlled load, it will turn that load back on. At least two minutes must have passed before power will be re-applied.

In this way, the actual current of the specific appliance operating at that particular line voltage, temperature, and load will be learned and used by the system. This current will be “re-learned” each time the controlled load is turned off. This assures that the system will operate the appliances when the exact amount of power is available and will not unnecessarily cycle the appliances. Areceptacle can also be one of the controlled loads, and SmartEMS- 50Amp will learn what the owner plugs in.

An optional monitor panel is available that offers a digital display of the total current being drawn and status indication of which appliances have power applied to them. This panel keeps the owner informed as to how much current is being drawn, and helps them understand how current is being drawn by each appliance.

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