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Intellitec Combinational Slide Out Controller w/Voice
Cat. No. 00-00971-100
Weight 1 lbs

The Combination Slide-out Controller with Voice functions as three controllers. It independently controls two lock arm motors and a slide-out motor. The controller depends on several inputs: Lock Arm 1 Switch, Lock Arm 2 Switch, Slide-out Switch, MPX Switch, and an Ignition Input Signal, which is used to lock out control module.

The MPX Switch is a momentary rocker switch used to allow the user to select a run/stop mode of the Controller.
The MPX switch is connected to the Controller through connector J3 pins 8 (MPX IN) and 7 (MPX GROUND)

Three LEDís are supplied for indication of three input switches. When a run condition exists, the LEDís will indicate the position of the selected switch. The LA 1 LED will be ON if lock arm 1 is in the unlock position (closed switch). The LA 2 LED will be ON if lock arm 2 is in the unlock position (closed switch). The slide-out LED will be ON if Slide-out is flush with the RV (closed switch). The indicating LEDís will turn OFF when the following conditions have been satisfied: the Controller is in a stop mode and no motor is energized.

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