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Intellitec 12V Bus/Limo Fan Speed Control
Cat. No. 00-00662-000
Weight 1 lbs

Intellitecís Fan Speed Module is the ideal  answer to the problem of controlling the fan speed in limousines and small buses. This module provides three, individually fused outputs to feed the air conditioning/heating fan. It is controlled from a remote switch panel with two small gauge wires. The switch can be either a four position such as a rotary, or four momentary switches. With the four position, the speed is selected by putting the switch in the desired position. When using momentary switches, briefly pressing any of the four momentary switches will change the speed to that setting.

When momentary switches are used, any number of switch panels can easily be used to control to fan from more than one location. If less than three speeds are needed, the number of positions on the switch can be reduced to the desired number. The module is equipped with an output that can be connected to the Switch input of another Fan Speed Module in applications where more than one fan is being used. With this connection, all the fans in the system will operate at the same speed from the single switch input

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