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Intellitec Isolator Relay Delay
Cat. No. 00-00629-120
Weight 2 lbs

The Intellitec Battery Isolator Relay Delay offers a new approach to charging and isolating dual batteries in an RV. Unlike conventional diode isolators, this system provides the engine driven alternator with the opportunity to begin charging the chassis battery before connecting the coach battery. This allows the use of self-exciting alternators and lets the engine briefly warm up prior to placing the load of a heavily discharged coach battery on the alternator.

The unit is packaged in a plastic enclosure for mounting in the engine compartment with two flathead screws. It operates in combination with a conventional continuous duty cycle isolator relay as has been used by a number of RV manufacturers. There are three wires to connect to the delay unit, one from an ignition switched 1 2 volt source, a ground, and the isolator relay coil.

It operates by sensing the level of voltage on the chassis 12 volt system. When this voltage goes above 1 3.3 volts for approximately 1 2 seconds, as happens when the engine is running normally (normal alternator voltage is approximately 14.4 volts), it will close the isolator relay providing charging current to the coach battery. When the ignition switch is turned off, the relay will open immediately. If the voltage should drop below 1 2 volts for more than two seconds while running, the relay will drop out. This might happen when the alternator is not able to supply sufficient current to all of the loads.

If the chassis voltage goes above 1 3.3 volts again, the relay will close again in about two seconds and retry to charge the battery. The resultant flickering of lights would alert the owner of the system overload.


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