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Backdraft damper
Backdraft damper

Solar Furnace Next Gen - House Heating System
The system uses 4 - 1500GHE SolarSheats and can be directly vented into the room or home.

SolarSheat 1500GS with wall mounts
The SolarSheat 1500GS uses heat energy from the sun, normally striking the roof or exterior wall, to heat your home. Panel only

SolarSheat 1500HE-DC Kits High Efficiency
The SolarSheat 1500HE-DC Kits High Efficiency is a standalone secondary solar air collector patented, trademarked and manufactured by Your Solar Home.

SolarSheat Duct Kit with DC Fan and PV
The SolarSheat Duct Kit is required for every SolarSheat system.

SolarSheat Kits
SolarSheat glazed panel, with wall mounts, fan assembly duct kit and 20 watt 12 Volt PV panel

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