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Intellitec Water Heater Controller
Cat. No. MT00-00245-000

Complete Name: Intellitec Controllers Brief Information: MPX Water Heater Controller Complete Overview: Intellitec's Monoplex™ System - ""The one wire solution"". These bring simplifications and increased functions to the complicated wiring structure of RVs and boats.

In a typical installation, a MONOPLEX™ Controller is located near the load to be connected, with the control wire routed to the remote switch or swithces, which are located in convenient places throughout the vehicle. By using this scheme, the need to run the heavy gauge wire to each switch is eliminated, along with difficulties of connections and safety problems normally associated with conventional techniques.

Each component of the MONOPLEX™ System has been designed to work together, in the RV/Marine environment, to provide a high quality, simple, and trouble free product.

12 volt with .5 amp switching.

Operating voltage 0 - 16 VDC
Current capabilites 7.5 Amps Maximum (Low side)
15.0 Amps Maximum (High side)
Standby current draw 2 milliamps
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
-40°F to 185°F

Warranty Terms: 1 Year

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